Ordanga Construction Services

Building and Maintaining your Future

Established in 2003 by Patrick & Madonna Manahan, Ordanga Construction Services has grown steadily and strongly since then. Patrick, the Managing Director, is a licensed builder with over 20 years building experience.

We are a family owned and operated business. We specialise in SERVICE. We have built a strong team of 30 experienced professionals, both Tradespeople and Administrators.

Our Team consists of 15 fully Licensed Carpenters, 5 Carpentry Apprentices, 10 various skilled and ticketed Labourers and 4 A Class Asbestos Removalists controlled by Management from our office staffed by some of Brisbane’s finest.

The Assurance

We employ a comprehensive tracking system in our work and operations. We undertake a detailed QA Audit on an annual basis.

Our goal is to continually improve our systems, methods and internal controls to enable us to achieve and ensure best practice and best results for:

  • Stakeholders
  • Clients
  • Staff

Our Licenses

Builders Licence Number
no: 1058819

Qld Government prequalification number to level 2 (PQC)
no: 0742

Sci-Qual Quality Assurance Number
no: 1276

A-Class Asbestos Removal License Number
no: 2090273

Integrated Management System